Time Line For Life Returning to Normalcy


How Do We Continue:


As per the sources the Coronavirus outbreak will last for atleast 12 -18 months , as its sweeping all countries around the globe.

The new coronavirus pandemic is upending life as we know it.

Now only one question is when will this end and where is the end point for this outbreak ?

New coronavirus has brought all Global life to a near standstill, closing businesses, canceling large gatherings, and keeping people at home.

All of those people must surely be wondering: When will things return to normal?

The only end goal lies on one i..e, when 60-80 percent of population is enough resistant to covid-19.

To stifle the disease spread from one person to another, right this moment no body know exactly how long it will take to get there , the answer might not satisy all at this stage but this is the fact.

There are two realistic paths to achieving this :

  • “population-level immunity.” One is the development of a vaccine. The other is for the disease to work its way through the population.
  • Surely killing many, but also leaving many others—those who contract the disease and then recover—immune. 

The Pandemic is not a Hurricane or Wildfire:

Yes the Novel Corona virus is not a ‘Wildfire’ or ‘Hurricane‘ to let wait it stop automatically because such disasters having some time and space.

No Time And Space : When it comes to this pandemic this doesn’t have any time and space it can hit at any time with any speed and can make things even more worse.

People find it hard to deal with as this Global World never faced this kind of pandemics like this before in modern times.we’re going to have to be very flexible at this stage .

But Everyone is keen to know When this will end? but thats not the right question at this stage the only question should raise is how to Restart things from here Means The Right Question is “HOW DO WE RECOMMENCE?

A lockdown is a measure of last resort, to be used only when a virus is spreading so rapidly that it cannot be controlled through other means.

After most disasters, recovery occurs days or weeks or a few months later—when the hurricane has ended, the flooding has subsided, or the earth has stopped shaking. people in the society goes to normaly within weeks to months,But the coronavirus crisis will follow a different trajectory.

Until scientists discover a vaccine, doctors develop significantly better medical treatments, or both, people all over the world will be working around, sharing space with, and sheltering from a virus that still kills.

The year or years that follow the lifting of stay-at-home orders won’t be true recovery but something better understood as adaptive recovery, in which we learn to live with the virus even as we root for medical progress.

In many parts of the world, borders are closed, airports, hotels and businesses shut, and school cancelled.

These unprecedented measures are tearing at the social fabric of some societies and disrupting many economies, resulting in mass job losses and raising the spectre of widespread hunger. 

The immediate effects of the pandemic — postponed weddings, canceled vacations, empty supermarket shelves, sinking housing prices, salary cuts, layoffs — suggest no one will come out of this period without losing something, But we are only at the beginning.

Life After Pandemic : Predicting how bad things will get economically is difficult. A viral outbreak of this scale has only happened once before in the industrialized world during 1918 Influenza pandemic.

How Does The Future Look Like :

People has to accept the Things will be never same again .

Life Will be never be the same its will be showcased as pre pandemic and post pandemic.

“That is a hard pill for us to swallow but it is necessary because we put human life before everything else,”

All countries easing restrictions slowly now in the human lives everything will be restricted from now ,Everything will be limited Resources will be limited.

people has to adapt to conditions and strictly follow the set of rules insisted by their respective Govt.When They Come out of this LockDown Restrictions.

I suspect people will revert back to look themselves when they have changed last Hardly they wont find any …

More than one-quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people are now largely confined to their homes, as governments step up curbs on movement and social contact in a bid to contain the virus.

“How Do We Continue” &

How do we Return To Take Up?

We have to Restart the things anyways at some point ,changes will happen with setting some certain strong measures within ourselves to flatten the curve.

Its Mainly by maintaining “Social Distancing” when we come outside That’s very Important .

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