Poverty Rate In India


Measures to Eradicate & Reduce Poverty in India :

As we All know India Is Known For Fastest Growing Economic.But poverty rate in india is still higher Into the stages of vision 2020, as people still living with this major problem .

people-in-village-waiting-for-their- needs

Poverty means Where a section of society unable to fulfill their daily bare necessities to live for life.

What ever the Issues what ever the circumstances it’s pandemic or its hunger issues or Mishaps  poverty line exposed on high note in india .

Here some graphs showing flow of poverty rate in india since 1993 till 2011.


As you know India lifting up from significant line of poverty from the year 2018, Gradually But  still some People are  living with it.

Here are some Causes of Poverty :

illteracy-rate- impact-on-poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Poor health facility
  • Infrastructure
  • Lack of industries
  • No proper financial Access

Some Strong and serious Measures to be implemented to reduce  And eardicate poverty rate in India

Key Ways to reduce poverty :

  • Infrastructure
  • Health facility
  • Literacy rate
  • Financial Access

Infrastructure : Need to construct high end infrastructure and should reach every one .like communications systems around rural areas, buildings and equipments to be reachable.

Health facility : India is known for Poor health facility, and not well equipped as america or any european countries.

It’s not reaching Poor people footsteps Due to high costs and access to poorer into the private hospitals health cares becoming more distant due to high rise in costs so govt. policies need to come up with free health care facility to eradicate one of the issues of poverty.

Literacy rate : Most People Live in rural areas , because of poor facilities inschools,transport facilities they won’t go to schools from their child hood here come child labour they work for livelihoods from young age this leading to more illiteracy rate in India .

Financial Access : Some Free financial access should be allowed for the poor people which increases their economic opportunity  & partially improves Their quality of life.

Recently Covid 19 exposed that India has still in line of this issue where they unable to reach Thier daily needs necessities due to poverty . real war between poverty & hunger still on so the above measures to be take the edge off povertyrate in india related issues.

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Good measures to eradicate poverty, not only In India everywhere across the globe..

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