‘Medico Workers Sacrifices’ to Fight Pandemic COVID-19


Medical Workers Health Care:

As Coronavirus cases rise and death tally recorded than any other pandemic all over the world ,now the whole world is suffering.

Now Covid19 spread almost all the countries in the globe, more than 200 countries affected with this pandemic .

Health Care Workers Sacrifices : Despite deaths , infections, numbers , countries situation one department is working hard and hard kept their own health at risk to help & treat the patients 24/7.

Doctors and Health Care Workers always comes in first place than any one in treating any diseases, but in this Covid19 case its too different .

Working in Health care comes at huge cost right now as there is no vaccine and high chance of transmission for this disease, have to trace , isolate and treat them.

But Apart from all Health Care Workers continue to put their health at risk and doing whatever they can to help patients recover.

Shortage Of Equipments :

Theres always been a news circulating about the shortage of medical equipments in almost all the countries for medical workers when treating patients , in Covid19 case its mandatory not only this specific pandemic , because they have high chance of risk and high chance of infected while treating the patients.

PPE components

Nurses and Doctors Extemporary Their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Almost all the countries are suffering with this shortages of medical equipments some countries even dont have enough protective facemasks which are very much protective, gloves, goggles and gowns.

They makeshifting things as their sports goggles becoming face shields garbage bags have been worn as gowns.

Simply in One word They Are sacrificing their life putting their health risk as this pandemic spreads easily with human transmission.

Italy The corona virus epicentre of europa lost Thier Doctors during the treatments , spain and china also lost their health care workers while treating the patients, so sad to hear the one who saved many lives lost their life in many countries ita followed while Treating .

But Here the important fact is Health Care workers Sacrifices dont end once they end shift their sacrifices wont end.so what we learnt from

Health Care Workers Heroics:

Protective wear Help each other
Health Care Workers Showing Protective wear

They are doing some heroic acts to fight the pandemic, moving away from families because they cant be in touch with the families because of high chance of infections possible.

Many medical workers who are working hard to fight the pandemic moved from their houses to rentals to cut the chain and to avoid passing the virus to thier Families.

They Are Living far from their families and loved Ones because no body want to brings anything to their homes.

During this Pandemic People Looks the Health care workers as like a walking infections as they treat and communicate with covid19 patients.

Returning From Shifts also not normal as they have to Take out all the Contaminated Things they carry .

Need to wash her scrubs immediately after retuning home disinfecting all the things like door keys , car keys , door knobs and any other surfaces they touch.

Health care Workers are first screened and tested and they will be always on the front line after all the treatments they have to get tested always have to check temperatures before and at end of shifts if they develop any symptoms like fever cough and cold.

They Are like Incubators , should not be carriers of virus passing to others , They dont have their luxury of going to stores , going for a running as well shes needs to distance herself from others as much as possible.

The main point of contact of infected patients are medical workers and doctors and nurses. Since the patients of COVID-19 are isolated cant see their loved ones.

Working Over Time: Applies CODE ORANGE That Means The medical staff have to stay as long as if its mandate situation.mostly have to stay for two week long , over time hours get paid and not the sleeping time doesnt count in payments. All to keep providing round the clock care for those who are suffering with COVID-19.

What We Learnt From This Pandemic is to Protect our Health care workers In crisis situation by giving them enough protective gloves , goggles, aprons,caps , facemasks, sanitizers, disinfectors as much as they can.

Health  Care Workers
Medico Workers with Protective Attire

Hope All Health Care Organizations Around The World Spend More Money and Speed up the Production & Manufacturing On More Protective Items Which are Mandate for the health care workers while Treating the Pandemics.

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Based on individual capacity we should donate… the information provided here is very useful and appreciate your dedication towards society… keep it up

    1. Gunnu says:

      Right but Need to speed up Production than the spread

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