Life Post Lockdown


Life After Lockdown In India :

As India The largest Lockdown entered into Lockdown 3.0 for 2 weeks which affects from may4 extended to may 17th.

The Largest Lockdown Country in the World, INDIA Prepares to ease some restrictions slightly and partially in parts and parts from May 4, by giving some exemptions after 45 days divided by three zones.

Red Zone , Green Zone and Orange Zones :

Red Zone : More than 15 cases recorded to be considered as redzone and no exemptions will be there in this zone this is so called as containment zone as well .

Orange Zone : Only less than 15 cases recorded, with some active cases left and no new cases recorded from 14 days. Some Exemptions will be given to some organizations but not all.

Green Zone : Cities with zero cases considered to be green zone all organziations can work as usual.

This Pandemic has altered our routines and lifestyles , one of questions i get asked these days when the world will go back to normal when our country will see normalcy .

when the world will go back as we were in december 2019 i..e, before the pandemic .my answer is when we have amost the perfect drug to treat COVID-19, or when almost every person on planet get vaccinated against this virus.

we all know vaccine is in trials stage would take atleast Year to 18 months , and needed miracle to find this and human kind never faced this urgent task of getting vaccine never before .

What will Life Look Like Post LockDown Lift :

How would it be? every body wondering this for sure after coming out of their homes from 2 month lock down.

You’ve heard it a million times by now, and you’ll hear it a million more, but the best way to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19  Wear Face masks , Maintain Social Distancing and Wash Your Hands Often….

We all know Things are not expected to return to normal anytime sooner.

We look at how other countries have started to ease restrictions – and what India can learn as it plans its own exit. 

  • In Germany, where lockdown measures have already been lifted, it’s now mandatory to wear facemasks on public transport .
  • In Italy the country will further relax measures after nearly two months of strict lockdown. People will be allowed to move around their own regions, and face masks will be required on all public transport. 
  • Restaurants will also reopen for takeaway services. They are expected to reopen to diners from 1 June, along with hairdressers, salons and bars. Schools are not expected to open until September. 
  •  In France ,it will be compulsory to wear masks on all public transport, in taxis and on school buses. Face masks will also be compulsory for all staff and customers when shops are allowed to reopen from 11 May.

Be Prepared For :

We are going to witness a drastic change in public daily life movements post lockdown as we see change in our Travel,Shopping, and going to Cinemas,lots of checkpoints thermal screening we should cross.

Temperature checks are mandatory at entry in almost every store or Transportation post all public transports will be restricted to half full and half empty to practice social distancing , (Distance between two seats),also applies with Airlines and raillways as well , streets are still clear, and there’s a tentative vibe to the daily activity.

We dont see any Luxury of going to Coffee shops, Bars, and Restaurants,shopping malls as we do before , even we go have to follow some strict measures.

Here are some sign boards from various countries which we need to follow the same here to when we are out .

sign boards on roads
stay apart atleast 2.0m
Guided signage asks for customers to stay 6 feet apart for social distancing when shopping at Markets grocery store

We all have to learn to live with :People have to be well prepared to come out with certain measures to walk and follow some important instructions. With vaccine still months away.

Maintain Social distancing :

Public health experts like social distancing for three reasons. For one, it likely “Flattens the curve,” decreasing the number of infections at one time or even overall. That helps prevent overloading the health care system, with its limited number of doctors, nurses, beds, and equipment like ventilators. Also, it buys time for a vaccine to be developed.

social distancing
stay apart atleast 2.0 m

Wear Face Masks : The wearing of face masks while outdoors will remain compulsory no end date has been set.

signage showing wear masks
must wear mask when you are going out . (source:IDPH)

Although it’s too early to predict the long-term impacts of the pandemic on our cities, our societies and ourselves, we know that things will never be quite the same again. We need to learn the lessons of our current difficulties and plan effectively to meet the challenges ahead.

Preventive measures like masks and social distancing effect, Life post lockdown it remains in every area of our lives So,
“We Have to Learn to Live With It”
Face coverings will be “useful” when restrictions are eased to give people “confidence they can go back to work”. 

There will be no casual walks like before , henceforth only essential should be prioritized first in our Daily Lives.

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