Infodemics reaching faster Than Pandemics


Infodemic – When Unreliable Information Spreads Far and Wide.

What is Infodemic : An excessive amount of Information concerning a problem such that the solution is made more difficult.

Scientists around the world trying their best to find a remedy for the coronavirus, here comes next is Infodemic which is threatening our planet by words and Messages Infodemics becomes more dangerous than coronavirus pandemic. 

We all know bad news spreads faster than good news in some cases , likewise same in this age of coronavirus fake news infodemics level is higher as per sources which is spreading faster than the virus .

Infodemics Can Spread Fast :

Misinformation spreads unneccessary fear and panic When Loads information is there there is always a chance of Misinformation If you Want to check how much faster is …

If you send a whats app message to 20 people and that 20 people share in different groups each of them share with 20 other people if this happens five times it can reach 3 million users quickly.

If you dont know the whole post is true still sharing it might do more harm than good.

The WHO Director-General even stated: “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic

News Spread
Cartoon Picture Spread Of News

Stop Sending voice messages and stop sharing the messages on different platforms if you feel its not right and its not official .

For Example a voice note of Drinking excess of warm water cures virus.There is no such scientific evidences proved still so you should not pass such kind of info. or share in groups.

Pedestrians On road
How The MisInformation Travels

There are some pictures out too a picture with lion released on the road in russia to stop people coming out of their houses.

News images videos travelling faster than anything now without official statement stamped on none .With extreme level usage of social media age now a days its going fast and further like viruses travel with people faster and further .

Too Much Of Unofficial stuff circulating on social media now a days affecting and creating doubts on the original Ones official & important content on social media which are official now a days.

If you calculate and compare right news with the wrong once in social media people circulate more than 80 percent of misinformation without knowing the accuracy level of that content.

Of course they are not aware of that Misinfo, became hard for people to conclude whats true and whats false in terms of news.

This is leading to leave that Genuine Content and believing the fake news first and its not only just spreading the news its spreading some panic attached to it thats more hazardous during this pandemics.

news fact or fake
fact & fake check

Over the past few years, technology firms have come under pressure  to tackle just this kind of misinformation.

Covid-19 is proving to be not only a problem of an entirely different magnitude, but one that may be deeply difficult to solve in the long term.

For the first time in history, we see that humanity has been exposed to heavy interaction on a single subject on many social media platforms.

Over 3 billion posts and over 100 billion interactions on #covid19, #coronavirus and similar hashtags related to this pandemic.

What Should We Do :

  • Whenever we get a message or statement first need to check whether it is official ,authorative ,or it is from update reliable platforms from govt organizations or not. then come to clarify which is accurate and which is not.
  • Should Not Forward Messages or Pass Info To other Until and Unless is from Reliable sources.
  • Its harm for who are in stress and negative people will be more affected.
  • “We should try to overcome this difficult period more comfortably, stress-free and smoothly with the whole family with the help of different games or recreational activities
  • “We can read books or listen to audiobooks to avoid technology addiction during the stay at home.
Official Picture
How The Official Stamped News Look Like (Source WHO.)

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide crossed the 1 million according to data compiled by WHO.

Now Global world Is Fighting with Pandemic and “Infodemics” Social media can be an unstoppable force, especially in times of crisis.

fact check
Spotting fake and fact

So humble request is Please Post Or share the information (Look at Above Image) before only if it is from Reliable sources i..e, from Health Organizations or Officials.

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