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CUBA -Tiny Islands Helping Hand :

cuban doctors
cubans doctors pose before starting to italy

Worldwide, the number of confirmed cases reached over 800,000 today, with 40,000 deaths. COVID-19 has now reached a large majority of countries.

COVID-19 Outbreak Pandemic Now Marched to 200 countries world wide , Italy is the Hardest Hit country over 10,000 deaths recorded due to this Corona Virus.

USA with over 1000, Spain and France were also Hit Hard with number of deaths over 3000s due to this pandemic .

When Countries Like USA is Still finding a source to stop the spread , when Italy looks helpless with over 10,000 deaths which is the hardest hit country in europe.

UK and Spain trying hard to control the outbreak with Locked downs and some strong social distancing measures.Cubans helping hands to italy and other countries despite affected with pandemic cases in their country

Story Of Two Tiny Countries ‘South Korea’ and ‘CUBA

South Korea : After China Wuhan Where the virus is originated also the Epicentre for Corona Virus the next case & highest cases recorded in South Korea , But surprisingly the death rate ain’t passed more than 3% in and around for 3 months period this shows how south korea controlled things.

Once recorded with highest number of cases after china so many lined up at pharmacies to buy masks and other protective gears equipments , business carried on during the out breaks early stages . educational institutions are yet to be locked down .

With More Cases Recorded During Stage1, Casuality rate is one of the lowest for Covid-19.

Country taken Strongest Measures to control the virus spread across the country once they recorded their 100th case, conducted immediate quarantines , Mass Testing conducted , the corona virus has been around south korea for three months but ain’t crossed the death tally over 150 this shows how south korea is different from other countries in fighting the pandemic .

Not about the Strategies here Its all How fast you react to pandemic the actual difference makes , After South Korea Agresive Measures Its not very clear what preparations the USA UK and Italy made .

CUBA: Country with 1.15 crore population stands tall with hidden talent of producing the best doctors and sending the doctors to other countries to assist during the pandemics & disasters.Cuba has already having history of sending doctors to other nations in crisis time.

For nearly 60 years, Cubans Helping hands Always rise Cuba has been sending healthcare professionals around the world.

It does this in solidarity with those in need, but also as part of a concerted campaign of medical diplomacy and to make money to help the country survive an ongoing US embargo.

cuba helping hands
cuba doctors arrived in italy
cuba doctors , cheguvera
cuban doctors pose beside photograph of cheguvera .

Doctor can be Cuban, or from another country, but not every doctor will sacrifice their life and put themselves in danger to save lives, and this without any kind of financial compensation. This is something we Cubans only do

“We dont Give What we Left with We always Give what we have” cuba doctors said.

Humanitarian and internationalist spirit  led Cuba The tiny country to send Doctors to assist Haithi Earthquake 2010 and Ebola West Africa in 2014.

Most recent one is Cuba sending doctors to help Italy to fight with the pandemic we all know the Italy is the hardest hit country due to this Covid19.

Even outside having temporary emergencies Cuba still sent the doctors to work in poor countries with shortage of medical care.

Simply Cuban Things :

As the world fights to stop COVID-19 claiming more lives, Cuba has dispatched 593 medical workers to 14 countries in their battles against the pandemic, its ministry of public health has said.

Where It All Started :

Why CUBA produces Best Doctors :

Cuba helping Hands It was actually created in 2005 by late leader fubel castro specialises in rapid  response to medical natural disasters and outbreaks.

This is Done by The country where average wage is $20 per month and keeps their population as healthy than other developed countries .

According to previous History Cubans medicals assisted various outbreaks disasters and pandemics like Ebola and Earth Quake and Disasters .

Cubans Part of some Investments free during outbreaks Free Health care Bio-Tech Now Cuba is Known As power house for health and Also for Cuban economy.

Key Points Of Cuba Helping Hands :

  • It’s all about small Island in Carribean ‘Republic Of CUBA’ helping hands and show case some Solidarity , Humanity during The Disasters and outbreaks in any nation .
  • An important difference between the healthcare system in Cuba & other countries is the medical care on the island is considered as a fundamental right of its citizens and is written into the Cuban constitution .
  • The country is able to provide one doctor for every 150 Cuban citizens, which is an outstanding ratio that surpasses that of many developed nations .

All the countries should learn From Cuba and Time to applaud Cuba For their helping hands to nations in crisis and All should follow Cubans in terms of health care and medicals .

Cuban Island Doctors Now won many Hearts from Different countries . It’s Now How Small the Country is Its not How Much The hardest Country economy is Its all about how you stand up for other nations in crunch times.

Lesson for every country that countries first priority is to produce the best doctors & health care systems for by health care organizations and Should try to Spend more on HealthCare rather than spending on missiles.
“Missiles Won’t Save You Always , Most Of The Times Medicines Will ”

This is not a war between human beings, it is a war for the life of human beings, it is a war against diseases, against repeating calamities, and one of the first things this world should learn especially now, with the changes that are taking place and the phenomena of this type, is to cooperate.

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