China’s Response On Covid19 Teaching Rest Of World .


How Lock Downs Formula Was Successfull In Controlling Pandemic

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Corona Virus Marching all over the Globe in Furious Way Started From Long Way Wuhan Now Touched All Parts Of world .

In this process all over the countries affected with this serious and lethal pandemic virus.

Prevention With Mask To Beat COVID-19

Yes virus is global and virus doesnt have boundaries , previously virus doesnt follow the weather to spread.

There is no conclusive that it fades in summer season.

But China decision of lock down is very much succesfull in controlling the virus. as they bring down to 1 case a day from 15000 cases a day which is on feb 20.

In this process of China Lock Down Formula succeeded locking the boundaries of all Wuhan where this virus is originated from and banning travel flights and trains.

Locking down atleast of 60 million people, suspended all meetings major events around china , roads blocked.

Half of the country population stay homes during this pandemic spread.

Before critizising here would like to appreciate china for curing some cases.

world health organization congratulated on “unique and unprecedented public health response [that] reversed the escalating cases”.

After Lock Downs and Travel Bans :

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Since it arrived covid19, scientists started working hard to find a source for this virus.

There they estimated that this infectious disease can pass on to atleast two there means over 500 million persons might infect with this virus.

Travel Ban Across nations due to virus
30 Day Travel Ban due To covid19

Between jan 16 to jan 30 after the China Lock Down Locks the infections rates down to 0.5 percent then they started implemented this lock down formula to decrease the number they were successfull any ways .

China Lock Down Formula :

The Rest of the world to learn from china in this case to decrease and fade the virus in respective countries.

Slowly all European countries started locking down the people to control .

Recently Italy who are more infected by virus than any other inside europe are locked down to control the spread.

And the flu virus that caused the deadliest recorded pandemic, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic .

As of 16 March, roughly 81,000 cases have been reported in China, according to WHO.

In between many cases there were unreported either because symptoms were not severe enough for people to seek medical care, or because tests were not carried out. 

The implemented measures worked well for china .

Quick Response Could have Worked Better : Immediate reaction could worked more better for china and for globe as well -yes its delayed .

Its started too late from wuhan authorities in carrying reports of this virus . this delay is the major reason for world suffering and world event .

Had been ( china ) reacted early on this pandemic the countries would have been in better position than they are now .

However Travel Ban Worked :

What China Teach Other Countries : since each person can infect to other two, here the Travel Ban is the only way to stop spreading this disease to another countries across the globe .

Travel ban is the first breaking point for this lethal virus .

Almost all countries following the same what china did .because thats the only way to stop.

But early detection and isolation was the most important factor in reducing COVID-19 cases. early detection and isolation are the most important,”

China’s early detection and isolation, the resulting drop in contact between people and the country’s intercity travel bans on reducing the virus’ spread. Otherwise chinese number would have be in big.

Singapore is the only country reacted quick and paid of in identifying the cases , isolated and contact tracing done to stop the chain.

As china started reacting fast now they are one step higher than they would have by taking drastic safety measures to control and things are pretty control now .

As they bring down to 1 domestic case or the second successive from 15000 cases which is on feb20.

Cant say this as end of cases but it might recirculate again from other countries some how.

Lock downs will end at some time But the important factor is china still Just controlling cases not eradicating it

GOVT. should create awareness on social distancing and good hygiene.

Hope Rest Of The World will react quicker in identifying cases, isolated and trace moment to moment and create aware on social distancing, travel restrictions to thier countries and hygeine will help to stop lethal virus.

Some Important Key Points About Corona Virus :

COVID-19 Last Upto 3 days on Plastic and Stainless Steel,Can Survive Hours In Air Particles And It Last On Surface for Days.Upto 3 Hours on |Copper Materials and 24 Hours on Carboard .

Style Of DisInfecting : Chinese style of approach is always different they are unique in globe Since it CoVid19 arrived.

They started working harder on it but sad part is that they reacted too late this pandemic which affected the globe.

China is such a country who can make lifes faster and easier for their countries citizens they can build a hospital in 4 days.

They can bring down a journey of 4 hours to 45 minutes.

Now They are Working harder they decrease he number of cases to 1 from 15000 this is where china explore to world.

  1. Earlier this month, a field hospital staffed by robots opened in the Hongshan Sports Center in Wuhan, China.
  2. where the pandemic began Dubbed the Smart Field Hospital.
  3. The facility can serve 20,000 patients and is project Wuhan Wuchang Hospital.
  4. China Mobile and CloudMinds, a maker of cloud robotics systems based in China and the U.S.
  5. It is a trial aimed at relieving exhausted health-care workers even as the outbreak in China slowed in recent weeks.

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