All Pandemics Have to Come To End


How Long Do we Live In Lock Downs:

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All Good things have to come to end . (Pandemics and End Point) in the same way all Pandemics have to come to end at some stage . In life Nothing is permanent, So as applies to Pandemics , Everything has to pass some day.

First time in modern history, the entire world is focused on solving a single problem. The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease it causes, COVID-19,

This pandemics too pass one day for sure but when and where ? lots of unanswered questions left in peoples mind now a days .

World has seen so many virus like spanish flu swine flu ebola and Sars in hong kong it prevented from affecting globally in this corona virus Case its affecting whole global world in unimaginable way .

people really want to understand this situation almost all the countries affected with this unnatural natural disaster epidemic.

people started speculations wheres the end to this when will we defeat this Covid19 and more over they are thinking of the day when we get there !

Now after all the situations a virus created to their lives which is not having a solution here Nature is Smarter Than Scientists.

As the novel corona virus causing covid19 across all the nations in the globe with cases surpassing almost 3lakh cases world wide today on march 22,2020.

Corona virus in Italy : such a devastating scenes in recent days from italy , surpassing the china in number of deaths more close 4000 deaths and recorded 792 deaths is more than wuhan city china which is 264 in a day .

While there is no evidence that why Italy is on top in corona virus death toll ‘hug a chinese’ campaign may lead to this this disaster. italy has tighten its quarantine and US banned all flights to europe .

Epidemic to Infodemic: Here The virus flow is something different than the other pandemics. each of them infects two more. the four infect eight and eight infect 16 and 16 to 32 and 32 to 64 and so on and so forth.

We do not move like particles in space, try to remember what you did yesterday even without all social distancing measures , you probably would have met the same people you met today .

What lock downs teaching us in controlling epidemics. Lock down helps us in pandemic situations, as we saw before in china , singapore and taiwan where they were succesfull in controlling the spread of virus.

Lock down includes all shut downs of Transporations, schools , educational institutes Road and Train , Travel ban from other countries from entering into , Banning air travel as well halting down the local transports , halting down the local busineses, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs.

India Lock Down To Control The Pandemic:

India New To Lock Down System : India announced Lock Down today after the sucessfull Janatha curfew where people of india unite stands to fight against Pandemics corona virus and 130 cr population clapping for the doctors was simply amazing showing some solidarity to them who are working hard day and night.

During this Lock down Health Care ,Medical centres, Gas,Daily Needs ,Household retails ,vegetables and milk stores will remain open.

Life will not be the same as before for indians and other countries with the lock downs.

Sports persons families youngsters and celebrities from India took part which got a huge response from 133 cr population.

India Affected with corona virus cases mostly with travel history from italy london and scotland .India trying to control with the air travel ban and local travel ban as well .

All international flights will be Banned from all countries march 22 , 2020 i..e, today.

Indian corona virus cases rises to 365 and death rise to 7 as on march 22 , 2020.

India cities are New to Lockdown Measures. Now So far India Govt. has taken strong measures to low down the cases. controlling well almost all the states in india are going to set for a lock down till 31st march 2020. india banned all the international flights metros and local trains and public transport .

Prevention and social Distancing Is the key point to notify to the people of India as it’s slowly the virus started local transmission in recent couple of days.

Roads Empty during Jantha curfew – India

It was successfull in wuhan during the outbreak and Hope it works here as india is next to china in population .

India Will extend its nationwide lockdown, while more cities and countries announced restrictions on citizens’ movements, orders to shut down most businesses, and bans on travel.

Wheres the End And When Lifes Get back to Normal :

People working
People Around the World Globe View

When Will This End & life get back to Normal ? Since its affecting the globe The Covid 19 almost all countries left with one questions answer when we will get there when its ends is their any end point for this ?

As All countries Govts adopt lock down measures, a top World Health Organization official said on Sunday such restrictions alone are not sufficient to contain the Coronavirus pandemic.

Micoro scopic view corona

Whole world is shutting down , crowded places looking like ghost towns suddenly, sound of horns silenced suddenly on the roads.

Even all the countries taking strong measures fighting as much as they can even one reported case looks like hundreds coming up , this is where the virus spread is different from others.

How Long This Works : Sustaining with this Lock down s measure doesn’t work in long term things have to come top at some point get back to normal .

No country has still found a Exit Strategy for this Corona Virus except a lock down .

How Long Do we Live in Lock Downs ? Its Seriously not a good sign for any country it might lead to fall of economic growth of countries if this extends a limit.

Disease knows No borders : This Unexpected epidemic reminds us again how vulnerable mankind is and how essential it is to help each other in the face of difficulties .

Health Workers Safety First : Most Important factor is keeping the corona virus from infecting the health workers, already Wuhan faced this with 1300 affected after treating patients and where Hong Kong and Singapore is Succesfull in keeping health workers safe.

How long will it take to get a vaccine ready for use now that we have begun preliminary trials?
At present, we have taken a single viral genome and have used it to create a vaccine of which tests are now starting. In the end, that single piece of virus will be the basis of a vaccine that will have to be given to billions of people. That will require extraordinary efforts in mass vaccine production – and that is bound to take time.

As Doctors battle to save lives , Scientists Minds battle to find the source vaccine to this corona virus , people strictly need to follow socialdistancing and good hygiene. Till then people need to be very patient.

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