Corona Virus (Covid-19) Hits 2020 Sports :


Safety Comes First :

World Is Going Through a Rough Phase and Tough Phase Since Corona Virus COVID 19 Lethal Virus Which Arrived In December.Spreading Over Countries Taking The Lives Of People and Corona Virus Hits Sports Now Around the globe.

Impact Of (CoVid 19) Corona Virus On Sports Around The World :

People With Mask due To Covid19

Virus Doesn’t Have Boundaries : Spain laliga has confirmed that due to corona virus upcoming schedules and matches will be played behind the closed door that mean no spectators will be there in the stands.

Major parts of football leagues this weekend have been scheduled behind the doors European league also confirmed same as laliga.

Decision taken by Laliga after consulting the health departments.

Real Madrid vs Elbar will be the first match which willbe played behind the closed doors.

The Primera and Segunda division league will be postponed.

Champions leagues matches In upcoming weekends will be played without spectators Are Now Postponed By UEFA.

There was a remote possibility of continuing the tournament with the spectators but as countries around the globe hitting high and high with covid- 19 virus infections   the decision made today .

Corona outrbreak hitting all over th globe furiously, recently hitting major sport events as well

All the football league changes will effect from tuesday night fixtures .

Almost all the major world sporting events around the globe have been already scheduled from march2020.

Ipl 2020 cricket Indian premier league is scheduled from march 29 th 2020 india hit with corona cases of 58 it may rise in number left the doubts on organizing the league.

 Already some speculations going rounds that IPL may Postpone due to corona scares . As india Rising its number Reached more than 50  cases Recorded With  Covid-19.

But BCCI President Ganguly Made a Strond statement on Monday That ipl Will be played as the scheduled With all the Strong Precautions will be taken Bcci will take all the Protection against covid -19.

Already shaking of hands banned in cricket and ipl organizers Instructed the same to players.

IPL Updates : Another Update About IPL 13th Edition is Postponed To 15th April 2020 And It Will be a shorter edition with more double headers added.

Prevention is Better than Cure Its not About the Potential disruption Her Nothing is Larger Than Life .

As Japan Is Preparing to Host Tokyo 2020 Olympics Covid -19 Puts some Brakes

Corona Virus Hits Big Event Sports As well, Japan Olympics Slim chances of getting cancelled  and postponed to end of year due to outbreak covid 19japan Olympic minister said in press conference.

Japan Olympics scheduled from 24th july to 9th August( Official Confirmation Waiting )

Corona Virus Hit 60 countries around the globe and taken out 3000 lives so far .

More than 180,000 people around the world have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and at least 7,000 people have died as stands today i..e, March 17th.

Reports From Different Countries ..

The ongoing pandemic is devastating the global economy and wiping trillions of dollars off stock markets.

Here French league as well as they hit with more cases after Italy

They banned of gathering more than 1000 people in some cities of france as well  upcoming match  of psg will be played as per the schedule but within the closed doors.

Two of Four champions League matches this played without the spectators.

Psg vs Dortmund will be the first match without fans last time it happened 10 years ago.

Italy are Next to China Which Reported biggest daily increase In Cases daily Due to Covid 19.

Wuhan man
Man With Protection In Wuhan.

Already most of matches played in closed doors without fans Italy infected with 3600 cases and 360 killed due to this outbreak

Almost All the European govts and Sporting federations holding press conferences  Now Monitirizing the situations .

Covid 19 Started Impacting Slowly Into All the Major Sporting events around The World Japan  Olympics , Ipl 2020 Indian Premier league , Champions League , Asian Football Federaton Leagues , Spanish Football Laliga , Italy seria a and serie b , Wrestlemania WWE .

Here Comes The Some Breaking News From UEFA :

UEFA Postponed All Euro Matches w hich Are Actually Scheduled This June July 2020 PostPoned By 12 Months The New Schedules are June 2021-July 2021.

Euro 2020 Postponed Until 2021 Due To Corona Virus Pandemic.

euro postponement
euro 2020 postponed
UK Airport With No crowd due to pandemic .

Safety Measures Following preventive safety measures by some of the major and busiest international airports to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) after its outbreak in Wuhan, China, many others initiated similar steps Around The World.

All Major Events Around The Globe Events Across Get Cancelled Some Postponed, Potential Disruption occured everywhere ,Schools Closed, Called Off Matches , Gatherings Banned , Shake Hands Banned all over the countries to break the chain of this lethal virus.

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