Champions League Match : Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid


How Atletico Crack LiverPool Code :

Atletico celebrate
Atlectio Players Celebrate The Victory Against Liverpool .

Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool :The Winning Streak Of Liverpool broke In Champions league ..

Their Premier League of 14 game Success Streak is Broken By Spanish Derby Atletico On Home Soil.

The ScoreLine is 1-0  @ Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool , Atletico Just a Edge Over One Of The Hot form Team of the Year Liverpool With Early Saul Niguez goal ..

Saul Broke Hearts of Liverpool fans and Coach Klopp and With the early goal Which Actually Ended Their Winning Streak .

Consucutive 14 games without a loss came Liverpool and Liverpool record of 43 games Unbeaten Records also Beaten By Atletico Madrid .

The Goal Ended The Historic Streak Yes firstly ‘”Records are Meant to be Broke”  But This Win Is The example Of Every Team Can Beat Any opposition Team Can loose One Day .

This Game For Atlectico Will Stand As One Of Memorable Win Which Came Against A Team Unbeaten for 14games ,

Before This Game Atlectico Came With just 1 win out of 7 games , How many would have thought That they can break streak here at atletico .

But Saul Early Into the Liverpool Goal Posts Aint Surprised immediately As Liverpool Known For Different Strategies and Tactics.

They Use when playing in English League Play More strong and Interesting.

When They are Down Thats how Liverpool  Record Came But In this case It Reversed where They haven’t Even Drew Here at Atlectico .

Atletico Madrid Shown The  premier league Teams

How To B”EaT” Liverpool ?

‘”Thats The Way to Do it This is The Way to Do It”” 4-4-2 Code Applied .

Simone Coach
simone explaining code to premier league coaches

After Win over Liverpool,Atletico Became The first Team to Beat Liverpool in 2020

First team to stop Liverpool scoring for 34 games .

People Fans Expected a Least Fight Against That Powerful Attack and Powerful Pemier league Team But former Champios  Roared Loud With This Historic Win.

What Didn’t Clicked For Liverpool :

Everything You Touch into Gold This is what Liverpool Experiencing Since 2019 But Today Not The Day This Was Meant To be Not Even a Single Shot On Target Vs Atlectico.

19 teams Cant win Against Liverpool in The English Premier League .

Remember Beating Atletico At Home is Not Easy For Every Team Former UCL Champions They Are,Probably Spanish Teams Know Well About This SimeOne Team It Seems .

How They Made possible : Atletico men played 4-4-2 Despite Some Oppose from fans and chants at Atletico ,Thier Style Of Play Surprised Everyone Stunned But Well And Exceptionally Executed.

More Than Textual Description How Atletico Cracked The Code of This Big Champions League Win .(Below Picture Defines)

Atletico 4-4-2 play
Atletico defensive attack Vs Liverpool

The Picture shows the Actual Graph How They stick to plan and execute on the field Against Liverpool .

Pure Defensive attack mode of match Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool .

We Don’t Often See On Field But Their plan workd stopped targets from Biggies like Salah Vin Dijk,Mane, Firminho In Linear margins .

Klopp Words This is Not The way We Expected But Klopp Doesnt Approve the win of Atlectio.

Just because of Thier style Of Play They are not Here to Great game Oh But They Still Got Result They Won, Klopp Said After Losing .

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