English Premier League Returns :


Professional Football Resumes

So called as Biggest Premier League and most popular English Premier League Is Back,It is not usual normal but it is new normal when it resumes behind the closed doors.

Its not Normal but its a new Normal

Premier league is back

As English Premier league returns sporting and soccer fans all around the world will cheer from their homes and players as they are back into the grounds to resume their matches where they paused the season 2019/2020 After all the series of events of Covid 19 shut downs, lock downs As it halted every sporting events and human lives since march 2020.

Popular English League is back:

Most popular English Soccer League ranks as one of englands greatest football Premier League,since march No ball didnt go flight into the air as globe hit by covid 19 .

Professional Football Paused after UK goes into Lock down for 90 days society paused,shops closed , shut down of transport for last three months halted almost all the normal human lives badly .

We all know premier League and all other football and sporting events hit by Covid 19 around the globe.

Here are some guidelines looks like for playing football behind the closed doors :

Eventually after 12 weeks long English Premier League Returns and it Resumes with some serious safety guidelines.

Rest of all matches will be played behind the closed doors and no fans are allowed into the stadium only the players,press ,hospitality people are allowed with strict guidelines .

Fans will cheer and support the teams from their homes for the first time in history of any football league.

Some Websites live broad cast Televisons, applications allowed users to choose their Noises when watching football because football without crowds noise below fig. is simply hard to take.

with and  without crowd noise
Fans welcome from homes
  •  The stadium will be divided into red, amber and green zones
  • Before leaving for a match, all players and staff must complete relevant checks for COVID-19 and report any symptoms
  • Teams must travel to matches in sterile environments and apply social distancing whilst using transport 
  • Non-playing and coaching staff must wear face coverings and clubs must apply strict cleaning and disinfection measures inside the stadium, including
  • The pitch and tunnel area are part of the red zone. This will only be open to people who have had a test within the last 5 days and have a maximum capacity of 100 people.

Stadium access will be limited to specific people and around 300 people will be allowed inside the stadium at each match.

First Day of League on return :Currently in form Liverpool is on top of the premier league table and almost they start as favourites with unbeaten records in first leg.

streling in action against arsenal

Football restarted On Wednesday The first match played on 17th june 2020 between Aston villa and Sheffield united goal less draw with disallowed goals followed inspite ogf goal line technology available by Man city win 3-0 against Arsenal as David Luiz Awarded Red card and poor defense blocks .

Striker Paul Sterling is the first man to score into the nets after season resumed.first day of league was fair bit of entertainment for the fans.

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