Poonam Yadav : Spin Deliver Turn and Execution:


Inspiring Journey Of Indian Spinner Flight ,Turn, Keep Low and Deliver:

Poonam Yadav Bowling

The Above Words Apt For Indian Spinner Poonam Yadav .

Indian Spinning Vision ‘POONAM YADAV’ Story of UttarPradesh Girl Who Took 4 wickets In world Cup opener .

Stunned The Defending Champions in the ICC Womens World T20 opener Against Strong Australians .

Poonam yadav Celebrting .
Poonam Celebrating After Taking Wicket

Looks Like Boy Does Like Boy and She plays With same Energy on the Field She Gives Her Best That’s The Spirit She is Having.

Poonam Yadav 4-19 Came on big stage and Against Big Team And In the context of game Which Turned whole Match with His Flight spinning Turning On Conditions On Such Track is Simply Incredible .

Poonam 4 Wickets
Poonam Yadav 4 wickets Source :BCCI.TV

13,469 witnessed One of The Best Bowling Performances In world cup Tournament That Too in Opener .

Poonam Born on 24 th August And The Same Plays With The Birth Date Number Jersey No. 24 .

Poonam Yadav Born in  Agra Uttar Pradesh , Since Child Hood Having a habit of Dressing Like Boys She Use to go to School In same Attire She use to be in same Attire when in  Locality  as well.

Pressure and struggles Early in Career :

Since Born In Agra Uttar Pradesh When she Was eight She Faced many Barriers She Faced Many Struggles Her Father Use to disAllow to Go Away and Play,

One day she ran away To stadium And Called her Coach and Bring to her Home .

She faced so much of Criticism from family Member And Relatives and locality People.

She didnt give up in any case and She Fought hard To play, She Kept all Critisim. aside , and focused on her game.

Poonam got selected for Domestic Season For UttarPradesh Team and Now She plays for Railways .

Her Short height is another Barrier to achiev Dreams In.any Other Sports she sticky o cricket eventually Despite having intrest in  other sports

We hardly See spinners gets wickets through Stumpings These days This is Where is Different From Others .

But Here Very Much Different in Her case Where she gets Lots of Wickets Behind The Stumps.

Her flight delivery Tempts batsman to go out Of The crease When It turns It’s goes low That’s the Much Positive Sign .

Spinning Wizard Of India Poonam Yadav Is Guided by Her team Mates Mithali Harmanpreeth . Arjuna awardee as Well .

Bowling Action is No Different From Leggies But  When Ball drops From.5 Inches It will Turn Kept low.

Poonam Always Tempts Batsman  With his Delivery To Get out of the crease to hit over Top Every Time .

Poonam Yadav (One Of Top Spells In World Cup) :

Medium Pacer to Top Spinner Poonam Spell 4-0-19-2 Came In Such a Time and Context Of Game.

Where Australia Were Crusing at a run rate of 8.33 With Healy on Top Form.

Indians Hopes almost Faded at a stage Then Captain Harman handed the ball to Poonam Yadav

Then She Started to get turn Flight deliver Keep Batsman Tempting Picking Wickets .

Everything was happening Suddenly Surprisingly Behind The Stumps From Tanya As Well .

Hope Alive Only Because of Poonams Magnificent spell .

Such a Sensational Spinner She Is Simply Amazing To Get Flight and Turn On a track Where There is Not  much Of Help For Spinners  .

She picked 4 in 4 Over Which Kept Australians Wickets Tumblling all the way Runrate Increased Wickets Kept Falling and India are On Back on Track .

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