Poverty Rate In India


Measures to Eradicate & Reduce Poverty in India : As we All know India Is Known For Fastest Growing Economic.But poverty rate in india is still higher Into the stages of vision 2020, as people still living with this major problem . Poverty means Where a section of society unable to fulfill their daily bare […]

‘Football Is Back’ Bundesliga Returns..


Huge Step From German football post pandemic outbreak and corona virus lockdown . Bundesliga (Germany) To Restart The League from May16 : Often we dont see the line football is back because we dont often see football gets paused and that too because of a serious outbreak which swept all over the world and which […]

Life Post Lockdown


Life After Lockdown In India : As India The largest Lockdown entered into Lockdown 3.0 for 2 weeks which affects from may4 extended to may 17th. The Largest Lockdown Country in the World, INDIA Prepares to ease some restrictions slightly and partially in parts and parts from May 4, by giving some exemptions after 45 […]