‘Medico Workers Sacrifices’ to Fight Pandemic COVID-19


Medical Workers Health Care: As Coronavirus cases rise and death tally recorded than any other pandemic all over the world ,now the whole world is suffering. Now Covid19 spread almost all the countries in the globe, more than 200 countries affected with this pandemic . Health Care Workers Sacrifices : Despite deaths , infections, numbers […]

All Pandemics Have to Come To End


How Long Do we Live In Lock Downs: All Good things have to come to end . (Pandemics and End Point) in the same way all Pandemics have to come to end at some stage . In life Nothing is permanent, So as applies to Pandemics , Everything has to pass some day. First time […]

China’s Response On Covid19 Teaching Rest Of World .


How Lock Downs Formula Was Successfull In Controlling Pandemic Corona Virus Marching all over the Globe in Furious Way Started From Long Way Wuhan Now Touched All Parts Of world . In this process all over the countries affected with this serious and lethal pandemic virus. Yes virus is global and virus doesnt have boundaries […]

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Hits 2020 Sports :


Safety Comes First : World Is Going Through a Rough Phase and Tough Phase Since Corona Virus COVID 19 Lethal Virus Which Arrived In December.Spreading Over Countries Taking The Lives Of People and Corona Virus Hits Sports Now Around the globe. Impact Of (CoVid 19) Corona Virus On Sports Around The World : Virus Doesn’t […]

Legends Arrives Again : Road Safety World Series 2020


Old Cricketing Legends Are Back on Field For a Cause : The Cricketing Legends Are Back Finally . As Clocks turning back for the Cricket fans,Clocks Rewinding for a While Firstly Cricket Star Fans all over the world to revive their old cricketing memories. Crickets Biggest Legends Sachin and Lara again back on field again […]

Story Of Dominance And Collapses :


India in Big Stages of ICC Tournaments India In ICC events When We Start Speaking About Collapses In Cricket india Hardly Collapse But Most Worrying part is Collapsing on Big finals Semifinals and big Stages and Knock Out Stages . Indias Dominance In World Cup is Having Top Notch Record of Unbeaten In Group stages. […]

UEFA Nations League 2020-2021


Uefa Nations League 2020-21 Teams and Draws Created Competition in 2018 By UEFA ,to get some meaningfull Certainly to the International Football. Often we dont see the top players from all over the world to play for national colours except euro and fifa qualifiying fixtures . SuccessFull Idea Executed By UEFA : United european football […]

Then Atletico Madrid Now Watford

watford upset liverpool

Watford Ended Liverpool Undefeated streak in Premier League Then Atletico Madrid Now Watford Ended Liverpool Goal streak Evevtually After Almost a Year. Reds last Defeat came on Jan 2019 That too Over a Year Backthis actually Shows that How they Were Crusing to win the title This Season . Watford placed on 17 th position Means […]